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Installation Details

From this page you may download constructive details in PDF format (Acrobat Reader). If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, click on the button to download it.



The details given in the document refer to the following description:




Cross section of Metaldeck and positioning of spacers
Details of Metaldeck supports
General diagram of ducts – shear connectors
Through Ducts Mesh Support Metaldeck Caps
Negative Reinforcement of Duct Overhang




Composed section



   Type of details of anchoring bolts
Details of column supports
Details of rigid connections in porches
Details of node joints
Various types of porches
Details of beam joint to column
Details of roofing A-frame
Details of connections in houses and small buildings
Details of typical connections section I
Detail of stairs and typical connections.


Details of stairs
Details of stairs with landing
Details of stair steps
Details of composed sections
Details of door and window panels
Details of floor structure plates
Details of lintel connections
Installation of side walls
Details of diagonal wall bracing
Details of double walls and post foundations
Details of wall connections
Typical façade structure in two-story building
Assembly stages for walls
Typical overhang details
Low income housing structure
Typical structure of two-story building





Details of plates on free beams
Details of roofing A-frame support on free beam
Most common types of trusses and A-frames
Details of roofing and structure
Details of welded connections of A-frames
Details of type of Nodes




Ridge belts
Belt pavilions
Belt stiffeners
Details of type of wall belts
Attaching belts to A-frame
Belt linking
Details of belt installation
Details of belt attachment.

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